Our Philosophy

Owned by Blaine and Jodi Schultz, 2020 marks our 19th year of farming as Oakridge Farms.

We grow our crops on three different parcels of land in Neenah and each parcel presents different challenges and opportunties.  Soil type, microclimate, rainfall and presence of disease, insects and weeds determine how we manage each property. 

The most common question we get from customers is, "Are you organic?"  The simple answer is no, but the answer is really not that simple!  Although we are not "certified organic", our growing philosophy and cultural practices work with ecological systems and not against them.  We incorporate many of the priciples of organic farming, while recognizing that well researched use of man-made controls can have their place in a sustainable model of farming.  We use the term "sustainably grown" which we hope differentiates us from strictly conventional methods.  Sustainable agriculture is defined as agriculture that is profitable, environmentally sound and beneficial to the community.

Our methods include crop rotation, cover crops, planting disease resistant varieties, mechanical cultivation, hand weeding, use of biological fertilizer and field scouting to identify pest problems.  Many of the vegetables we grow are heirloom varieties and we never use genetically engineered (GE) seed. For our strawberries and raspberries, we use the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  If pesticides are incorporated into our management system, they are selected on the basis of least toxicity and are applied in a manner that minimizes or eliminates contact with the fruit.

Farming on the scale that we do allows us to provide locally grown fruits and vegetables to thousands of people each season. Almost all of our produce is sold at our farmstand and at farmers market, meaning that it is consumed within 25 miles of where it was grown.  The act of feeding our community is something we take tremendous pride in and is ultimately the reason why we do what we do. 

When you visit our farm, our goal is to provide you with an authentic farm experience. We do not offer entertainment farming. We hope that our farm will allow you to connect with where your food comes from and have a memorable experience with family and friends. We welcome your interest and questions about our farming practices.