Summer CSA Share Options


Interested in our 2020 CSA season?  Our program runs 16 weeks, June thru September.  Members enjoy weekly shares of high quality fruits and vegetables grown by us on our Neenah farm. 

Please keep in mind that people eat vegetables at very different rates and you will most likely try something new! The shares will be lighter in the beginning of the season and increase in amount and variety as the growing season progresses.

We have 3 sizes to choose from, all offering 16 weeks of fresh produce grown by us.  You can also choose to purchase a partial share choosing either Early Summer (first 8 weeks) or Late Summer (last 8 weeks).  

Not sure what size is best for you?  We would be happy to talk it over! Remember, you can always move to a larger size share mid-season for a prorated amount, but you can't move to a smaller size and get a refund.

2020 CSA options:

Large Share-$580(~$36/week)

  A large share is designed to supply most of the weekly vegetables consumed in a household of 3-6 people who cook regularly at home OR a smaller household who would like to freeze extras for the winter (we provide lots of information to help with that!). A standard share will include a more diverse selection of produce and larger amounts of items than a Small Share. It is the best value for you!


Small Share-$440(~$27/week)

    A small share will contain 6-9 items and is designed to meet the needs of a household of 2-3 people or a larger household who may not eat at home each day. This is our most popular share.


Starter Share-$330(~$21/week)

   A starter share is our smallest share. Perfect for those who are new to CSA and ready to get their feet wet OR 1-2 person households. It is also a good fit for those who want to support the CSA model but also like to shop at the farm stand and market to meet the rest of fresh produce needs. Think of it as a "start" to the CSA model OR a "start" to your weekly fresh produce needs.


Partial Share-Early Summer or Late Summer

   -Any size- Large $305.00, Small $235.00, Starter $185.00

   Early Summer-first 8 weeks of the season 

        The first eight weeks typically include a large variety of greens, fresh herbs, summer squash, radishes and our strawberry season. A good choice for those with their own gardens that generally kick in later in the summer.

   Late Summer-last 8 weeks of the season

         The last eight weeks generally include the summer's abundance like tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn and melons.  Most of these items are easily frozen or preserved.


 Market Share

A.k.a. the "punch card", can be used at our farm stand (open daily) or Appleton farmers market stand (Saturday mornings).  Punch cards have a $55 value and cost $50 each, you can any number you wish but they must be used in 2020.