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What to do with what's left

Posted 7/18/2016 9:21pm by Susan.

As I was cutting up fruits and veggies for a party last weekend, it dawned on me that no one really talks about what they do with what we DON'T use.  All of the stems, leaves, peels, etc. that we don't exactly see on the recipe boards.  

When I first joined a CSA, one of my first steps was to buy a composter so that I wasn't not adding to the landfill with the "food" I wasn't using.  Then I started to realize there were so many other ways to use the scraps.  The easiest is to feed them to the furry face that waits below my pullout cutting board every time I prep food.  His favorites are strawberry tops and kohlrabi "skin" but he's not wild about kale and other "leafy" things.  We literally have a ziploc bag of scraps that we add to his food dish every day.

I have also used those strawberry tops and mushed raspberries to flavor water, and beet greens in a wilted greens mixture, but my newest adventure is to wash and collect the scraps in an ice cream pail in the freezer.   If I boil beets, for example, I pour the water used in there too.  Once the pail is full, I simmer it all on the stove and then strain for an exciting vegetable broth that is never the same taste twice.  I guess I have inherited my mom's "find a use for everything" mindset, and my family has benefited!

What do you do with your "unusables"?   What is your furry friend's favorite?